The international exhibition to promote French Design “NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE” will be part of the Expo next October! NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE aims to promote French Design through 40 iconic design objects and is presented by the Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing (VIA) and French Furnishings. The exhibition will be joining our Design Expo, a 4-day experience where 300 international companies share & explain the innovating aspects of their world leading designs.

A diverse perspective for a one-of-a-kind exhibition!

Already acclaimed during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE presents 40 cult design objects embodying 10 essential values.
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To define French Design, 10 values emerged from the work and discussions of the think tank. They helped to guide the choice of iconic pieces, all of which exemplify some aspect of these values. They also contributed to the staging of the exhibition, by establishing benchmarks, or simply by helping us to express abstract ideas in words.
  1. Art de Vivre
  2. Elegance and a hint of luxury
  3. Cultural openness
  4. Balance
  5. Savoir-faire
  6. Panache
  7. Audacity
  8. Heritage
  9. Creativity and industry Design
  10. Sustainable innovation
The exhibition helps to achieve a twin objective: showcasing the creativity of Le French Design and promoting the French furniture industry around the world. An ambitious operation, very much in line with the World Design Summit and VIA’s professional mission.    

Original scenography designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
For this exhibition, VIA has commissioned Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to devise a poetic scenographic concept, emphasizing the excellence of French art de vivre. From the beginning of his career, he has broken new ground, becoming the pioneer of a cross-cutting, indeed all-embracing  art,  deeply rooted  in traditions. Art meets fashion, design, architecture and mu-sic… His world revolves around unusual encounters and surprising combinations.  His creative passion encompasses a sprawling oeuvre with a foundation in pop culture.  

A nomadic exhibition showcasing the heart of le French Design

After its official inauguration at the Institut français in Milan on 5 April 2017 as part of the Furniture Show, the NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE exhibition will embark on its journey in collaboration with the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad. It will be presented around the world within the framework of major international design events over a four-year period, from 2017 to 2020. From Asia to North America, by way of the Middle East and Europe, this exhibition will highlight the very best of French Design. Discover this fantastic project during the World Summit of Design Exhibition in Montreal on October 16th! Don’t miss this stunning opportunity to explore the latest design ideas that help make a difference. The WDS Expo in Montreal will be an unprecedented opportunity to showcase and promote innovative products and services to an international audience of design professionals, public and private decision- makers, the media and the public at large.
Expo Dates: Oct 17th-20th 2017 Reserve a space today! Contact Randall or Richard for more info Download the Expo Prospectus